Aaron LeClaire: Moving upstream (Episode 011)

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My friend Aaron LeClaire sits down with us on the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast to discuss philanthropy based on his 14 years offering his skills and insights to family foundations in the US.  He has reviewed thousands of grant requests, and through wise stewardship, led organizations to significant impact, particularly in international settings.

Our conversation today begins with a riff on the difference between charity and philanthropy as applying “salve” or moving to “solve” a long-term injustice.  We cover other topics such as donor intent, the passion that must animate philanthropy, informal collaboration and knowledge-sharing by donors, and the significant power of small grants.  He ends by suggesting three books to assist donors in their philanthropy – links are provided in the show notes below.

Quote of the podcast:

As a donor … you have to move upstream and … look at how you actually address the systemic problems that result in suffering.

–Aaron LeClaire

Show Notes: