Amy Goldman: A design-build approach to social good (S2:E3)

Mark PetersenPodcast

Many foundations tend toward being reactive in their philanthropy – waiting until others ask before they consider giving.  In our third episode of the second season, Amy Goldman throws that tired model on its head.  Under her leadership, GHR Foundation proactively invites and encourages a collaborative approach to improving communities, involving not just other donors but charities, businesses, and social sector leaders worldwide.

This Minneapolis-based foundation has launched its BridgeBuilder Challenge, a three-year initiative where divergent groups of stakeholders unite to work toward social good.  Inspired by the founders’ design-build philosophy for their successful businesses, GHR Foundation now collaboratively works with the social sector in designing and building projects.  They learn by doing, and invest expecting that new models for social benefit will emerge in the process of doing good together.

Quote of the Podcast:

Design-build is in our DNA.  We realize that’s how we approach grantmaking, problem solving and working in partnership.

–Amy Goldman

Show Notes: