Andy Crouch: Embracing vulnerability (Episode 014)

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The philanthropist operates with significant power.  She has money, influence and control, and in relationship to charities seeking funding and partnership, the imbalance is considerable.  If we want our philanthropy to be transformative in our own lives as well as others, we must embrace greater vulnerability.  In this interview, Andy Crouch helps us explore how we can open ourselves to risk, and that doing so is a pathway to greater satisfaction and joy in one’s philanthropy.

Andy is the Executive Editor of Christianity Today, and serves on the board of Equitas Group, a private philanthropic organization which has invested its grant money into strategically influencing reduction in human trafficking in SE Asia and Haiti.

Quote of the Podcast:

“I actually think that’s the greatest danger in human life – to have authority with no vulnerability.”

–Andy Crouch

Show Notes: