Brian Stiller: Sowing seeds of generosity (S2:E4)

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Brian Stiller takes us on an epic journey through a lifetime of taking risks and living by faith in this interview for the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast.  He grew up in Saskatchewan where he learned early on that seeds must be cast into the soil and die before they would produce life.  In like manner, he states that philanthropy can also … Read More

Love Giving Well book profiled by Melinda Estabrooks

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Melinda Estabrooks took a few moments in June to interview me on my new book, Love Giving Well: The Pilgrimage of Philanthropy. In this podcast, we discuss the Camino I walked in 2015 along the northern shoreline of Spain, and how this 34 day, 825 kilometre journey has to do with philanthropy. Click below to listen. Mark Petersen’s Story of … Read More

Stronger Together 2017 shortlist

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By our May 31st deadline, we received 42 LOIs for this year’s round of grants for Stronger Together 2017.  We were grateful to consider each of these excellent ideas.  In the following weeks, we shortlisted these and requested more information from applicants.  As of today, the full applications of the final 22 organizations have been received.  Thank you for your work. … Read More

Enthusiastic Ontario book launches

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At the end of June, enthusiastic groups gathered over four evenings in Burlington, Cambridge, Mississauga and Toronto to launch Mark Petersen’s new book, Love Giving Well: Philanthropy as Pilgrimage.   Mark read excerpts from his book, and attendees lined up for personally signed copies.  It was an encouraging start to see this book take off and become a valued resource for givers of … Read More

Do you love money?

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Money is one of those things that polite societies rarely discuss.  It drives our daily activities and an over-emphasis on it adds to the stress and toil of our lives.  Today, for example, I passed by thousands of people on the 401 who spend inordinate amounts of their day in a gruelling, soul-depleting commute because we are driven to accumulate wealth to facilitate our expansive … Read More

New partner for Stronger Together 2017

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We are pleased to welcome our sixth partner who will participate in our round of grants on offer in 2017.  The David and Dorothy Lam Foundation is based in Vancouver, and is joining five other grantmakers through our collaborative grants program, Stronger Together.  Their eager participation takes us over $1M being pledged for grants this year through the generosity of these … Read More