Do you love money?

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Money is one of those things that polite societies rarely discuss.  It drives our daily activities and an over-emphasis on it adds to the stress and toil of our lives.  Today, for example, I passed by thousands of people on the 401 who spend inordinate amounts of their day in a gruelling, soul-depleting commute because we are driven to accumulate wealth to facilitate our expansive … Read More

New partner for Stronger Together 2017

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We are pleased to welcome our sixth partner who will participate in our round of grants on offer in 2017.  The David and Dorothy Lam Foundation is based in Vancouver, and is joining five other grantmakers through our collaborative grants program, Stronger Together.  Their eager participation takes us over $1M being pledged for grants this year through the generosity of these … Read More

You’re invited to a book launch!

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We’re pleased to announce that Mark Petersen’s book Love Giving Well: Philanthropy as Pilgrimage is now available, and we are gathering to celebrate the launch of this new work on philanthropy.  There will be three public events scheduled for the week of June 19 in Southern Ontario.  Books will be available for sale at 50% off the Amazon list price, and … Read More

Mustard Seed matching grants for Toronto churches in 2017

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Stronger Philanthropy is pleased to provide the Mustard Seed Foundation with a platform to share its news of granting opportunities for Toronto churches in 2017. This Washington DC-based foundation has been providing grants to local congregations in the world’s megacities since 1983. The MSF has given away more than $96.7 Million USD in more than 17,000 grants and scholarships. The … Read More

Love Giving Well: Philanthropy as Pilgrimage now available

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I’m thrilled to report that my new book, Love Giving Well: Philanthropy as Pilgrimage has been released and is available for purchase from the publisher, Amazon, and, for bulk orders greater than 5, from us at Stronger Philanthropy. Here’s what others are saying about Love Giving Well: Lorna Dueck: “…it’s coaching, plain and simple…” Rod Wilson: “…incisive clarity…” Karen Hamilton: … Read More

What does pilgrimage have to do with philanthropy?

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Pilgrimage is not the first metaphor one thinks of when considering philanthropy. But having engaged in both, I’ve had ample time to consider the parallels. In the summers of 2014 and 2015, I had the transformative experience of walking across Spain on what’s called the Camino, following the footsteps of hundreds of thousands who have walked those same paths since … Read More