Brian Stiller: Sowing seeds of generosity (S2:E4)

Mark PetersenPodcast

Brian Stiller takes us on an epic journey through a lifetime of taking risks and living by faith in this interview for the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast.  He grew up in Saskatchewan where he learned early on that seeds must be cast into the soil and die before they would produce life.  In like manner, he states that philanthropy can also imitate agriculture.  Surrendering one’s assets in generosity enable the production of new life in our world.

Brian is the Global Ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance, and President Emeritus of Tyndale University College & Seminary.  Under the WEA banner, he travels the world to encourage, train, and build up local churches and denominational leaders in the evangelical stream, as well as facilitates coalitions among broader faith-based entities.


In the process of giving, there’s a replenishing.  And that replenishing becomes the source of joy and the abundance of life.

–Dr. Brian C. Stiller