Lance Robinson: Strategic focus (S2:E6)

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The Stronger Philanthropy Podcast is pleased to introduce listeners to Lance Robinson, the CEO of Equitas Group, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based foundation.   Lance brings a strategic and thoughtful focus to his family’s philanthropy.  This process is often a challenge for other wealthy families.  Under Lance’s leadership, he has ensured the foundation will do more than just give reactive grants, but … Read More

Michael Alberg-Seberich: A European looks at Canadian giving (S2:E5)

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Michael Alberg-Seberich is a professional who serves multiple foundations and corporate philanthropy programs as Managing Director at Beyond Philanthropy based in Berlin, Germany.  This year he benefited from a six-month research sabbatical in Canada where he received the CKX Philanthropy in Canada and Mercator Fellowship. Listen in today to hear what he thinks are the highlights and challenges of Canadian … Read More

Brian Stiller: Sowing seeds of generosity (S2:E4)

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Brian Stiller takes us on an epic journey through a lifetime of taking risks and living by faith in this interview for the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast.  He grew up in Saskatchewan where he learned early on that seeds must be cast into the soil and die before they would produce life.  In like manner, he states that philanthropy can also … Read More

Amy Goldman: A design-build approach to social good (S2:E3)

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Many foundations tend toward being reactive in their philanthropy – waiting until others ask before they consider giving.  In our third episode of the second season, Amy Goldman throws that tired model on its head.  Under her leadership, GHR Foundation proactively invites and encourages a collaborative approach to improving communities, involving not just other donors but charities, businesses, and social sector leaders worldwide. … Read More

Chris Wignall: Organic philanthropy (S2:E2)

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Chris Wignall is the Executive Director of the Catalyst Foundation, an Oakville, Ontario-based family foundation that believes its role is more than that of writing a cheque.  They have modelled a beautifully organic pathway forward for philanthropists who seek deeper involvement with charity life.  Yes, funding is a part of their contribution, but more, they offer capacity building to charities … Read More

Steve Moore: Taking the long view (S2:E1)

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As we begin the second season of the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast, we hear from Dr. Steve Moore, CEO of a significant endowment in the Pacific Northwest, the Murdock Trust.   This trust lives out the dream of its founder, Jack Murdock, to serve individuals, families and communities across the Pacific Northwest by providing grants and enrichment programs to organizations that strengthen the … Read More