Fred Smith: Gatherer of philanthropists (Episode 001)

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The Gathering is an annual weekend where major Christian philanthropists and their families gather to talk seriously about their giving.  When you arrive, it seems like any other conference you might attend.  There is an air of exclusivity about the whole event.  Yet while it is by invitation only, there is a deep sense of humility as well.

One of the reasons for this is Fred.  He has created a culture for this event that allows for people to be real, for warts to show; he gently but persistently pushes against the edges, and over the 15 years of my interactions with The Gathering members, I’ve met some brilliant, self-sacrificial people who, motivated by their faith, long to give well and are doing so creatively.

Fred Smith, President of The Gathering, joins us in our first interview of the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast.  We cover a wide range of topics – all the way from frying catfish and Wrestlemania to succession planning for foundations and finding your own sweet spot in philanthropy.

Show Notes:

Photo Credit: Fred Smith