Jack Kiervin: Satisfaction through focus (Episode 013)

Mark PetersenPodcast

Many generous people find themselves pulled this way and that by the competing claims and pressure tactics of shrewd development staff.  In today’s podcast, we learn how Jack Kiervin handles these challenges.  Through doing an inventory of his own family priorities, he and his wife, Shirley, decided to focus deep on one area of philanthropy, and to invest strongly with both finances and personal energy, time, and service.  It is by developing a focus on prisoners that Jack has found satisfaction.  This intentional focus has led him to visit over 200 prisons in 61 countries over the past two decades.

Jack Kiervin worked for the banks for years before launching out on his own with start-up companies that eventually went public.  He and his wife took the proceeds and parked them in a family foundation.  After a few years, their more precise philanthropy focus was discovered and embarked upon.

Quote of the Podcast:

“[I needed to] build a framework around the giving that leads you to be comfortable with saying no…  Once I came to that understanding, I have much more focus and satisfaction, and more sense of being in God’s will.”

-Jack Kiervin

Show Notes: