Michael Van Pelt: The business of ideas (Episode 008)

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Michael Van Pelt is the President and CEO of Cardus, a Christian think tank based in Canada.  In sixteen years, he and his team have entrepreneurially grown their charity into an influential voice for social architecture that roots its vision in the dignity of humanity that is created in God’s image.  Its research spans distinct and broad spheres of society – from cities, business, and work to family, education, and healthcare.  Cardus continues to expand, and will soon open its downtown Ottawa office.

In Episode 008 of the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast, Michael opens by telling the story of his son Kenton, describing how the sudden drowning of his beloved boy impacts him today.  He also describes how philanthropy undergirds Cardus’ work, and what he has learned about working with philanthropists over the past decade and a half.

Quote of the podcast:

There’s probably 20 philanthropists across this country that from the early days of Cardus have stuck with us [even] when we didn’t [yet] warrant it… They were investing in something that only could happen in the future, not in what was already existing… They allowed us to take risks.

Show notes: