Peter Roebbelen: Discerning a new way forward (Episode 015)

Mark PetersenPodcast

This podcast introduces us to Peter Roebbelen, President of Charis Foundation, a significant Christian grantmaking organization based in Oakville, Ontario.  Peter invested his career into pastoral ministry, and then, suddenly a few years ago, found himself directing a large family foundation who lost its principals to ravaging fatal illnesses.

In this interview Peter tells this tragic story, and explains how the principals’ founding documents continue to guide their legacy today.  He introduces specific organizations that merit long-term, unrestricted funding based on a journey of discernment he and his board have taken with them.  Finally, he outlines some of the challenges of faith-based grantmaking and fundraising, and wonders aloud if there’s a better way.

Quote of the Podcast:

“I have a growing sense that the charitable and philanthropic model we have is broken, or at least, deeply flawed.”

–Peter Roebbelen

Show Notes: