Social innovation for energy

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With population growth increasing there will come increasing demand on energy and on our planet’s finite energy resources. While energy use intensity has gone down in recent years, the total amount of energy used by the human population has risen significantly, as there are more people using energy-using goods and services. Along with increasing energy consumption, energy challenges exist across … Read More

Developing new income streams

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Teen Challenge Canada is launching a new thrift store business unit in order to diversify its revenue base and develop alternatives to straight financial donations.  Similar to their successful Vehicle Donation Program, this revenue-generation initiative will help fund the ministry’s operations, while also providing significant work therapy opportunities for the students in the rehabilitation program.  Each store will also mobilize … Read More

Chances are…

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RZIM Canada exists to “help the thinker believe and the believer think”.  We seek to touch both the heart and the intellect of skeptics and seekers through showing that there are credible and meaningful answers to the deepest questions that people have today. Each year we address thousands of people in university, business, government and media settings on questions of … Read More