Rebecca Horwood: The dance of philanthropy (Episode 012)

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The dance of philanthropy can often appear free-wheeling and emotional, but today’s podcast guest, Rebecca Horwood, shows that great philanthropy, like great dancing, requires intense discipline and practice.  Repeated steps, hours of footwork, listening intently to the music all make a great dancer. Applying these skills of intentionality, commitment and drive also contribute to a better practice of philanthropy.

Rebecca is Director, Wealth Management and Portfolio Manager at Richardson GMP, a Toronto-based wealth management firm.  In this episode, she talks about her love of competitive ballroom dancing, and then we get into her philanthropy.  Learn how she makes decisions about giving, and what motivates her desire for generosity.  Rebecca is one of the founding partners of our Stronger Together collaborative granting program.

Quote of the Podcast:

People wonder how can I give this money, but at the same time, it’s about trusting.  You don’t want to give willy-nilly; you really need to do your due diligence — but you trust that the money is going to be used wisely and you release it.

–Rebecca Horwood

Show Notes: