Rod Wilson: Being doing having (Episode 005)

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Rod Wilson invested a decade and a half of his life into a theological institution that informs how professionals integrate their faith into their careers.  From 2000-2015, Rod served as President of Regent College in Vancouver, strategically situated on the campus of the University of British Columbia.  We spend time with Rod in Episode 005 of the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast.

One of Rod’s main roles at Regent revolved around fundraising and philanthropy.  Over time, he developed clarity of insight around our relationship to money, the power and potential of wealth, and ways to greater freedom through letting go.  Our philanthropy culture frequently emphasizes “doing” and “having”; Rod steers us back toward “being”, identifying who we are and living into the fullness of that unique identity.

Quote of the podcast:

The very giving of a gift, whatever the size may be, is a disclosure of who you are.  –Dr. Rod Wilson

Show notes: