2017 grants for Cambridge, Ontario charities

Mark PetersenGrants

Charities located in and serving the community of Cambridge, Ontario are warmly invited to apply for grants from Bridgeway Foundation’s Cambridge Fund in 2017.  Grants will focus on local benefit for this community.  Applicants should be ready to define the impact of the proposed initiative.

Applications will be open between August 23, 2017 and September 30, 2017.   We will contact all applicants following the application deadline to communicate which applications have been shortlisted for further review in a site visit by Bridgeway personnel.

Bridgeway Foundation is a client of Stronger Philanthropy, and along with several other foundations, utilizes Stronger Philanthropy’s systems to facilitate better giving.  This is the 20th year Bridgeway Foundation is offering grants for local community initiatives in Cambridge.

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