Another year of grants for Toronto churches

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Once again in 2020, Mustard Seed Foundation of Washington DC is continuing its intentional strategy for small matching grants to those closest to the need in the world’s largest urban centres, including Toronto. This unique model for funders is one I’ve admired for years. I admire the willingness of MSF to forsake large easy grants in the parachurch sector and zero in on small congregations that match the grant with their own community’s contributions. My long-term friendship with Brian Bakke allows Stronger Philanthropy an opportunity to share this news with Canadian churches. Brian’s willingness to meet with church leaders in the cities in which he grants also is exemplary.

I’ve attached Brian’s invitation to Toronto churches below and you can contact him directly with the info provided. Please pass this opportunity on to churches you know in Toronto.

The Foundation has been providing grants to local congregations in the world’s megacities since 1983. The Foundation has given away $101,934,167 USD to more than 16,680 grants and scholarships. Last year the Foundation approved 136 new grant applications and awarded $1,969,398 USD in grants worldwide. The average payment awarded globally last year was $7,173 USD. The top granted to cities (in order) in 2019 were projects (order from most to last) in Bogota, Toronto, Delhi, Chicago, Accra,  London, Lima, NYC, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Tokyo, Rio, and Buenos Aires. This means Toronto was the #2 most granted to city in the world for our Foundation!

In each of our approved projects, the MSF matched the giving from the tithes and offerings of the local congregation in the neighborhood of ministry. The typical congregation we grant to is less than 200 members. The Foundation does not consider applications from churches with more than 1,000 members. We help fund new evangelism and discipleship projects that a congregation decides to create to share the Gospel in word and action, or mentor new leaders. Only a local congregation can apply for our funding. We do not accept grant applications from any other type of organization.

In recent years the Foundation has approved the following:

    • Create a neighborhood ministry in the St. James Town area
    • Drop-in center for immigrant youth in Scarborough
    • Evangelistic taekwondo for youth in North York
    • Expand a church-based theater outreach in Woodbine
    • Establish a new church in the Canary District
    • Training for the outreach team working with the homeless downtown
    • Establish a new church in the Regent Park area in downtown
    • Outreach among young professionals in Woodbridge
    • Training of new church leaders in the Stanley Park area
    • Evangelistic retreat for Persian people living in the GTA
    • Outreach into the Canary District
    • Church plant in the Silversprings Park neighborhood
    • Youth outreach in the East End of the city
    • Robotic camp for youth in North York
    • Outreach among single professionals in Liberty Village
    • Evangelistic soccer camp for youth in Mississauga
    • Start a church among Afghani Muslims in Thorncliffe Park
    • Outreach among Chinese immigrant students in Oakville
    • Establish new church in the Regent Park housing development
    • Summer youth leadership camp in North York
    • Establish an evangelistic financial counseling ministry in Jane Finch
    • Plant a daughter church in the East End of the city of Toronto
    • Youth discipleship ministry in Weston
    • Create a holistic outreach ministry in the Queen West neighborhood
    • VBS among immigrant children in Brampton/Scarborough area

The MSF does not consider building purchase or renovation projects; vehicles; citywide or nationwide initiatives; long-term or short-term mission trips; book publishing or mass media. The MSF does not get involved in projects that offer a crisis response to a chronic need as we do not want to help create dependency. We do not accept grant applications from parachurch ministries, denominational offices, or other non-profit agencies.

There is one group meeting and then one on one meetings in different locations in the GTA. The group meeting is open to any church leader within the GTA. The group meeting is to be held Friday, February 7th at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto, from 9:00AM – 11AM. Wycliffe is located at 5 Hoskin Ave, Toronto, ON. Please use the main entrance. Meeting is in the reading room near lobby. Refreshments will be served for all who attend.

The one on one meetings are only for church leaders that have met with me in a group meeting before and who send a one-page description of the idea their church has for a new or expanding evangelism or discipleship project. I am looking to meet with pastors whom I have not met before or who have not applied for a grant from our Foundation before.

Please email me know if you plan to attend the group meeting.

If you have received our funding in the past few years please encourage other church leaders who have never applied for a grant from us to come to the group meeting to hear about the Foundation.


Brian Bakke 

MSF Americas