Three new grantmakers join

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We’re pleased to announce Stronger Philanthropy will represent three new grantmakers in 2016, with two from the past continuing their ongoing involvement with our program to maximize impact. In addition to Bridgeway Foundation, each of the following will benefit from our Stronger Office services to benefit from our streamlined systems, clear communication, worry-free administration, and accountable partnerships with charities: Kehila Foundation Redleaf … Read More

Meeting dates available

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In our ongoing focus of partnering for innovation by charities, Stronger Philanthropy is opening our doors to meeting with charity reps to discuss our plans for Stronger Together 2016.  I will be setting aside one day per month for these exploratory 50-minute meetings which can happen face-to-face, by phone, or by Skype.  In them, I will present the priorities of the … Read More

Bridgeway at 35

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Friends of Bridgeway Foundation gathered together this week to celebrate an important milestone: the 35th anniversary of the creation of the foundation, one of Stronger Philanthropy’s core clients.  For twenty years, the foundation was a seed sown in obscurity, unendowed, the dream of founders Reg and Carol Petersen.  In the late 90s, the foundation received an endowment and began giving … Read More

Centre for Scholarship launched

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Eighteen months ago, Stronger Together Grants awarded a large grant to Redeemer University College.  The focus?  To encourage public scholarship by Christian academics leading to clear social benefit.   The result of this investment was seen last week as the Centre for Christian Scholarship was launched at the Hamilton-based institution. The Purpose Power Potential Conference, held October 28-30, was the first … Read More

From lone ranger to effective partnerships

Mark PetersenCapacity Building, News

Businesses and charities are quickly transitioning from a culture where lone rangers protected one’s turf to one of sharing resources and multiplying impact. In the past we worked in isolation and achieved results through a laborious process of addition. Today we are learning to drop one’s guard, trust others who are walking a similar path, and discover the strength of … Read More

A new way of doing good

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Welcome to Stronger Philanthropy.  We represent a new way of doing good philanthropy for Canadians.  We multiply impact for grantmakers. We leverage donations by collaborating together. We offer streamlined systems, clear communication, worry-free administration, and accountable partnerships with charities. Thanks to our partnerships with grantmakers, we are able to host Stronger Together Grants, an annual collaborative granting circle comprised of major … Read More

Stronger Together 2015 Grant Announcement

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Stronger Together is pleased to confirm grants of $500,000 to twelve organizations in this year’s round of grants for innovative outreach by Canadian Christian charities.  Four partners — Acts of Grace Foundation, Bridgeway Foundation, John and Rebecca Horwood, and Mitchell Family Foundation — are this year’s contributors. Our grantmaking process followed the pattern from previous years.  In January, we received 74 LOIs of … Read More

Bridgeway capacity building grants announced

Mark PetersenCapacity Building, News

Stronger Philanthropy partner Bridgeway Foundation is working with Seacrest Foundation and Frontier Marketing on a triple partnership for capacity building for Canadian Christian charities. Bridgeway’s grantmaking committee met on May 23, 2015 and approved six conditional matching grants for charities located from Alberta to Nova Scotia.  Each of these six charities will be undertaking an online fundraising campaign this summer. … Read More

Six steps to better site visits

Mark PetersenCapacity Building

March and April were busy months with most of my time dedicated to 18 Stronger Together site visits with charities from BC to Quebec.  We normally reserve two hours for these meetings, as we arrange to personally meet all shortlisted applicants.  In many cases, it’s the only time all year that I will be face-to-face with that charity’s leaders, so a … Read More