Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation



The Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation partners with Canadian charities that reach out to those that are marginalized, providing a way out or forward for those who live with the stigma that comes from poverty, familial dysfunction/breakdown, or trauma caused by external events, circumstances.


The Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation imagines a world where contagious generosity revives, renews, and empowers people and organizations by compassionately, strategically, and sometimes extravagantly blessing others.

Portfolio Focus

Three charities are the current focus for this foundation in 2020. They include Opportunity International, Wellspring Foundation for Education, and Inner Hope Youth Ministries. Beneficiary organizations operate programs reaching those who have been marginalized in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and in the countries of Colombia and Rwanda. The foundation does not currently receive unsolicited proposals.


The Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation hosts an annual fundraising campaign where friends of the foundation donate to organizations listed in the portfolio focus. Click here for info on their 2020 campaign.