Stronger Philanthropy offers courses for charities and major donors.

Maximize My Membership is a free mini-course to highlight the advantages of joining our Stronger Philanthropy Community.

Design and Submit a Fantastic Grants Application is a paid course to walk you through the creation of a grant application for major donor families.

Below is a selection of what others thought of our courses:

“If you submit grant requests to any of the clients served by Stronger Philanthropy, the Fantastic Grants course is a no-brainer. It will teach you the preferred formats and requirements of their clients, which may just be the boost your application needs to stand out above the rest. Highly recommend!”

–Mark Stromenberg, Executive Director, Hashtag Hope

“I loved the Fantastic Grants course… It was so helpful and made the idea of writing grants seem far less intimidating. The ones that I have written for [others] have been successful but stressful and I never quite knew if I was on the right track or not. I feel much more confident this time around and really appreciate that you are so willing to share and work with non-profits to enable them to do more good by empowering them to write a well thought out and good plan and application for funding.”

–Vanessa Ploc, Edmonton Chapter Director, Safe Families Canada

“I’ve just completed the Fantastic Grants course! Wow! Thank you so much for constructing the information into succinct and helpful modules. Three takeaways for me: Know Your Donor (show alignment with the donor’s style and interests), Simplify Your Content (so easy to try to jam so much information into an application that is just not necessary), and Use a Declination as a Learning Experience and be sure to ask for feedback if possible. The PDF library is so greatly appreciated, a complete handbook for writing an application!”

–Karen Kerr, Grantwriter, Learning for Humanity

“Many of the Courses out there are offered by fundraisers or grant-seekers, but yours is unique because you offered insights from a major donor or a Foundation’s perspective. The templates were especially helpful! The Course is definitely a keeper and I’d recommend it to others in the field, including the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP).”

–Henrietta Lam, Director of Development, Divine Renovation