David King: Schooled in philanthropy (Episode 016)

Mark PetersenPodcast

The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving researches the role of religion in philanthropic efforts, and is part of Indiana University’s Lilly School of Philanthropy in Indianapolis. Today’s guest, Dr. David P. King, leads this unique institute, which highlights and honours the profound, yet often neglected, role of religion in philanthropy.

In the interview we discuss the extent of giving in the US which is religiously motivated, the differences between charity and philanthropy, how millennials will change how we do philanthropy, and how our understanding of God impacts how, where and why we give.

Quote of the Podcast:

“Because religion is so much a factor in our global events; nobody can ignore it…. I think we have a number of great organizations that have demonstrated that they can be professional, proficient, and yet not leave their religious identity aside.”

–David King

Show Notes: