Delivering innovative medical tech to the margins

Mark PetersenFollow-Up Report

Most of us in the West have access to an incredible array of medical health innovations. Sadly, these are slow to trickle down to the margins. Imagine being a woman living in a tribal village on the Amazon with no road or air service to connect you to the world. Instead, slow water transport is your only access to the benefits of development.

In 2017, our collaborative funding group, Stronger Together, partnered with Medical Ministries International and their Colombian partner. Together we could deliver a new type of cervical cancer screening service to assist women along the river. This video report follows-up on our $75,000 grant to demonstrate some of their successes a year after the program started. By working with generous volunteers, this grant facilitated over $2m in health care being offered to 1,311 women and 1,012 children in 20 villages. More info on this grant is found here.