Grants available for Toronto churches

Mark PetersenGrants

The Mustard Seed Foundation, based in Washington DC, has partnered with Stronger Philanthropy to announce their latest round of grants for church communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Brian Bakke, Director of the Americas Region of the Mustard Seed Foundation, will be in Toronto June 1-4 to meet with church leaders to hear their vision for reaching their neighbors, and to help them apply for MSF funding.

Next month we will share details about the time and location of information meetings for church leaders to learn how to apply for MSF funding.  There will also be opportunities for private conversations with Brian about the details of a church’s new ministry idea and how to approach the Foundation for funding for that project.

The MSF is a family foundation started in 1983 by Dennis and Eileen Bakke with a specific focus on major urban areas around the world. For their granting in Ontario they are considering applications from local congregations located within the Greater Toronto Area.  The Foundation can fund new projects, or the specific cost of the expansion of a ministry. A new project is one that has not yet started, or is in its first 12 months of operation.  The Foundation does not fund ongoing operational expenses.

The MSF will consider matching only what is given on a 1:1 basis by your congregation through its tithes and offerings for the costs of starting the new project. The MSF will not give more than half the costs of a project, and not give more than your congregation gives for that project.

The Foundation gives money to evangelism, discipleship, and economic development projects.  In Toronto, the Foundation has already approved projects like the following:

  • A campus outreach at the University of Toronto
  • Help a new church plant in the West End
  • Expand an outreach among Muslims in Thorncliffe
  • Outreach among Chinese immigrants
  • Outreach ministry among caregivers and children in Bloor West Village
  • Outreach among Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus in Brampton
  • Evangelistic theater program in Woodbine Heights
  • A new church plant in Don Mills
  • Holistic ministry and safe house for people who were trafficked in the sex industry

In each of the aforementioned projects, the MSF matched the giving of a specific church in the neighborhood of ministry for the costs of the project.

The Foundation does not fund the following:

  • Churches with more than 1,000 members
  • Building acquisition or construction projects
  • Buses or vans
  • Citywide or nationwide initiatives
  • Book publishing projects
  • Radio, Internet, or TV ministry
  • Medical emergencies
  • Sabbatical for a pastor
  • Free food and clothing distribution to the chronically poor
  • Canadian residents that desire to go on long-term or short-term missions trip

To learn the times and locations of the June meetings, subscribe to the Stronger Philanthropy e-newsletter at the bottom of this page.  We will announce these on May 1.