Grants for Toronto churches in 2018

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Once again this year, the Washington DC-based Mustard Seed Foundation is offering grants to Toronto-area churches, and have requested the assistance of Stronger Philanthropy in getting the word out.  The Americas Director of MSF, Brian Bakke, will be in Toronto in March 8-9, 2018 and is booking appointments with local pastors.  Read below for his full letter and contact Brian directly by email if you wish to meet him.


February 7, 2018

Dear Pastor,

Hello from the Mustard Seed Foundation. I hope and pray you are well and see God at work in your family and ministry.

I am writing to let you know I will be in Toronto March 8th and 9th on behalf of the Foundation. My goal is to have a group meeting in the city on the morning of the March 8th. The rest of my time will be in one on one meetings with congregational leaders of churches that have specific projects for the neighborhood where their congregation meets for worship.

The MSF has been providing grants to local congregations in the world’s megacities since 1983. The Foundation has given away more than $98.5 Million USD to more than 17,000 grants and scholarships. The average grant we awarded globally last year was $5,636 USD. The average grant awarded last year in Toronto was just over $9,000 USD. 

Last year, the Foundation approved 151 new grant applications and paid out just over $2.3 Million in grants and scholarships worldwide. The top granted to cities (in order) in 2017 were to churches located in Bogota, Delhi, Toronto, Lima, Accra, Agra, Cairo, Medellin, and NYC. Last year Toronto was the most granted to city in North America. This was a first for our Foundation. We are all very happy about this!

In Toronto, the Foundation has approved projects like the following:

  • Plant a daughter church in the East End 
  • Outreach among Persian Muslims in Thornhill
  • Establish an evangelistic financial counseling ministry in Jane Finch
  • Summer youth leadership camp in North York
  • Establish new church in Regent Park
  • Create a holistic neighborhood ministry in the St. James Town area
  • Expand a church-based theater outreach in the Woodbine area
  • A campus outreach at the University of Toronto
  • Help a new church plant in the West End
  • Outreach among Chinese immigrants
  • Outreach among caregivers and children in Bloor West Village
  • Outreach among Moslems, Sikhs, and Hindus in Brampton
  • Evangelistic theater program in Woodbine Heights
  • A new church plant in Don Mills
  • Outreach in highrise apartments in Willowdale
  • Holistic ministry for people who were trafficked in sex industry
  • Youth discipleship ministry in Weston
  • Holistic outreach ministry in Queen West
  • VBS among immigrant children in Brampton/Scarborough
  • Children’s theater ministry in The Annex
  • Outreach to Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus in Etobicoke
  • Evangelism among single parent families in North York
  • Evangelistic play for Arabic speaking families in Richmond Hill
  • Production of a music based on the book of Job
  • Outreach in apartment buildings in Silversprings Park 

In each of the above projects, the MSF matched the giving from the tithes and offerings of the local congregation in the neighborhood of ministry. The typical congregation we grant to is less than 200 members. The Foundation does not consider grant applications from megachurches. 

Due to limited funding we are not looking to award any new church planting grants this year.  The MSF does not consider building purchase or renovation projects. The MSF does not partner with book publishing or mass media. The MSF does not get involved in projects that offer a crisis response to a chronic need as we do not want to help create dependency. We do not accept grant applications from parachurch ministries, church planting movements, denominational offices, or other non-profit agencies.

The one on one meetings are only for church leaders that have met with Brian Bakke in a group meeting before and who can send a half page description of the idea their church has for a new or expanding evangelism or discipleship project.

Details about the group meeting time and location to come soon. After I have this meeting set up I will invite people to meet with me one on one about their projects. Please let other people know about the opportunity to meet with me to hear about our matching grants on March 8th.



Brian Bakke
Mustard Seed Foundation Americas