Helen Sworn: Coalition building (Episode 010)

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Helen Sworn, British activist and advocate, lives Cambodia and heads up a strategic coalition that brings together 55 Christian charities dedicated to end the trafficking of people in that country. The Chab Dai Coalition – which means Joined Hands in Khmer – builds the capacity of all its members through offering accreditation, best practice standards, streamlining programs, and advocating with government.  Helen is the Founder and International Director of the Chab Dai Coalition.

In Episode 010, Helen joins the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast with an insightful challenge to philanthropists: build coalitions to maximize your impact.  She recounts her personal story of arriving in Cambodia just prior to a coup d’état in the 1990s, and how she was quickly pulled into the need to build coalitions against the trafficking of persons.  Financial support was also required, and she relies on coalitions of funders to advance the work.

Quote of the Podcast:

The only way we are going to address a networked problem is with a networked solution.  

–Helen Sworn

Show Notes: