Lance Robinson: Strategic focus (S2:E6)

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The Stronger Philanthropy Podcast is pleased to introduce listeners to Lance Robinson, the CEO of Equitas Group, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based foundation.   Lance brings a strategic and thoughtful focus to his family’s philanthropy.  This process is often a challenge for other wealthy families.  Under Lance’s leadership, he has ensured the foundation will do more than just give reactive grants, but play a strategic role in a specified sector by serving as a knowledge base, helping grow sustainable and healthy charity partners, implementing and spreading best practices, and addressing gap areas that are overlooked by other funders.

In this episode we cover topics such as:

  • Developing a razor-sharp sector focus
  • Managing the interests of a family while developing a unique and specific strategy
  • Seeing your foundation as more than just a grant writing organization
  • Letting strategy evolve rather than imposing it
  • Creating partnerships for more strategic, upstream funding, and
  • The need for foundations to measure their own impact
Quote of the podcast:

“Philanthropy usually takes patience.  One of the values we had early on was to let the strategy evolve rather than imposing it.  Far too often we come in – many times with good intentions – but we don’t self-reflect that we’re coming in with our own agendas, our own baggage, and our own ideas.”  

–Lance Robinson

Show notes: