Stronger Philanthropy recognizes the challenges many foundations face with traditional application processes which are reactive. With open, reactive processes where any charity can apply for grants, the foundation is overwhelmed by a high volume of requests. Many of these are not a fit. It is unfortunate that extensive work is done by charities to develop LOIs and grant applications, and the result is a disappointing no. This approach is a waste of resources for charities and is overwhelming for funders.

With Stronger Philanthropy’s approach, we’ve done away with LOIs and the confusion of whether a charity’s hard work will pay off. Charities that believe their priorities are aligned with one or more of our client’s stated objectives should reach out to us for an interview using our online scheduler.

At this meeting, our goal is to better understand the charity’s mission and to hear their top three priorities for funding. During this session, we also take time to review our list of clients with interested charities, and how synergies between the two may develop. After the meeting, we create one-page Charity Profiles and determine which ones are the best fit for our clients.

When our clients are ready to grant, we invite aligned charities to request a brief application for funding. Click on the Clients tab in the menu bar to explore the priorities of our clients.

Charities can book an appointment with us for a nominal fee if they believe their work aligns with any of our clients’ stated priorities and we will develop your Charity Profile. We look forward to how greater alignment can occur for shared impact in our communities.