Repositioning OneBook for success

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OneBook has forged ahead with innovative, efficient approaches to literacy and Bible translation, yet was burdened by legacy projects that didn’t fit its new framework.  Our partnership helps them move ahead to reposition the organization and honourably finish projects from the former paradigm. Project Name: Picking Up the Pace Growth Campaign Grant Amount: $25,000.00 Purpose of Investment: To underwrite the … Read More

Capacity building for First Nations

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As Canadians, we believe we all need to participate in some way towards truth and reconciliation with First Nations communities.  Building up the capacity of this small but creative organization, Indigenous Pathways, which is led by and serves First Nations peoples, is a step in the right direction. Project Name: Communications and Donor Development Director Grant Amount: $25,000.00 Purpose of Investment: … Read More

Exploring the inner journey with Henri Nouwen

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Henri Nouwen is known and beloved by Christians of all stripes for his winsome and deeply authentic writings on suffering and spirituality.  This conference, hosted by the Henri Nouwen Society, is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to gather with others inspired by his legacy.  Click here to register. Project Name: June Conference 2016 Grant Amount: $5,000.00 Purpose of Investment: To sponsor a … Read More

Millenials and Faith in Canada at 150

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Cardus keeps bringing excellent projects to our grantmakers.  This one is no exception: a dramatic, creative push to create a platform for Canadian millenials of various faiths to share the importance of their own spirituality within our multicultural context.  Faith in Canada 150 will be the name for this and other initiatives which celebrate faith in Canada in our Sesquicentennial Year … Read More

Agricultural training for NE Cambodia

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Asian Outreach International is a small, focused charity with holistic projects in just a few countries of Southeast and East Asia.  Their agricultural training centre will offer capacity building support for Cambodians in a neglected and remote corner of the country. Project Name: Transformational Training Centre–Northern Expansion Grant Amount: $25,000.00 Purpose of Investment: To complete a 700 square metre multipurpose … Read More

Expanded capacity for BC charity in Ontario

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One of the ongoing issues for national charities trying to reach Canadians coast-to-coast is the vast breadth and regionalization of this country.  BC-based Wellspring Foundation for Education expanded its development presence into Eastern Canada, but quick growth required greater administrative support to ensure people didn’t fall through the cracks. Project Name: Growing Development Support for Eastern Canada Project Grant Amount: … Read More

Changing the public conversation on end of life care

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Absence of legislation around end of life care in Canada requires thoughtful contributions by people of diverse perspectives.  Cardus proposes to gather thought leaders and develop options for consideration.  This grant attracted a grant from Stronger Together grantmakers due to the innovative nature and unique role Cardus could have in influencing this conversation. Project Name: End of Life Care: Changing … Read More

Training for families of children with autism

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Families of children with autism and other special needs are remarkably resilient.  Yet they need ongoing supports to lighten the challenges they face day in and day out. Communitas Supportive Care Society in Abbotsford, BC will provide specialized training to these families and their staff that equip them with tools for better long-term sustainability.  Once the project concludes, Communitas will incorporate the … Read More

Better health care for the homeless

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Sanctuary isn’t your typical homeless drop-in or out-of-the-cold shelter.  It’s a vibrant community of people, some of whom lack housing or employment, or who struggle with addictions.  While medical care is readily available in Toronto, those who live on the streets suffer disproportionately and often resist official health care available in hospitals or clinics. Ontario’s Ministry of Health provides funding … Read More