Researching why some churches flourish

Mark Petersen 2017

Organization Name: Ambrose University Location: Calgary, AB Project Name: Flourishing Congregations Institute Research – National Survey Phase Amount Awarded: $56,000.00 Date Awarded: 11/18/2017 Participating Grantmakers: Kehila Foundation Redleaf Foundation River Dali Foundation Purpose of Investment: To conduct national research of over 3000 paid staff, board members, ministry leaders, and attendees from Catholic, mainline and conservative evangelical churches regarding the qualities … Read More

Research for healthy reintegration

Mark Petersen 2016, 2017

  Organization Name: Chab Dai Coalition Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Project Name: Butterfly Longitudinal Research Project Amounts Awarded: $30,000 in 2016 $30,000 in 2017, with possibility of being renewed for final year in 2018 Dates Awarded: 12/10/2016 18/11/2017 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation Kehila Foundation Redleaf Foundation River Dali Foundation Purpose of Investment: To complete the final years of a 10 … Read More

Out of the ivory tower

Mark Petersen 2016

Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC) is a network of 34 faith-based universities, colleges and seminaries across Canada. Historically most of these campuses were teaching institutions. Today many are seeking to expand their research capacity to bolster their scholarship. This research shift comes at a time when faith-based campuses are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their relevance to constituents. Organization Name: … Read More

Changing the public conversation on end of life care

Mark Petersen 2015

Absence of legislation around end of life care in Canada requires thoughtful contributions by people of diverse perspectives.  Cardus proposes to gather thought leaders and develop options for consideration.  This grant attracted a grant from Stronger Together grantmakers due to the innovative nature and unique role Cardus could have in influencing this conversation. Project Name: End of Life Care: Changing … Read More

Deeper research on families invites better policies

Mark Petersen 2015

The Institute for Marriage and Family Canada conducts research and develops policies to influence public discourse in order to highlight the valuable contribution marriage and families have in shaping our society.  Stronger Together partners stand with the IMFC in this work by funding new and original research.  Like gas in the car, this new, quality research will fuel ongoing activity by … Read More