River Dali Foundation grants for 2020

Nate PetersenGrants

River Dali Foundation recently booked a strategic planning retreat with us at Stronger Philanthropy, where they were able to identify the values that they wish to instill in their philanthropy. Under the overarching theme of building community, River Dali defined their mission/vision, the timetable for their granting, and their desire to be invested in the Waterloo, Ontario region. We absolutely loved our time together and we are so excited that they have taken this important step towards strategic and intentional giving.

We are thrilled to announce that River Dali’s grants are now available! The foundation will have two rounds of grants this year, the first being focused on the Waterloo Region and another in the fall that will be dedicated to working collaboratively with other foundations to maximize their impact beyond the Waterloo Region (more on this later).

To apply for a grant, find their mission/vision statements, eligibility criteria, and grant portal on their Client Profile.

Their LOI window will be open until April 30, 2020.