Thayer Willis: Dark side of wealth (Episode 007)

Mark PetersenPodcast

Join me for my conversation with Thayer Willis, author, speaker and wealth counsellor in Stronger Philanthropy Podcast, Episode 007.   Thayer grew up on the “right” side of the tracks in a privileged and wealthy family.  But the comfort and ease of her life ill-prepared her for making choices as an adult.  Surviving her rocky teen years and early adulthood, she now helps other wealthy people through her counselling practice and has written two books on the subject.

Thayer addresses the challenges that wealthy inheritors face of aimlessness and ingratitude, leading us to discern that the deepest problem is spiritual.  An engaging and generous philanthropy becomes a way forward out of self-centred entitlement.

Quote of the podcast:

I do believe the greatest challenge of wealth is spiritual because … there’s that implicit question … what are you going to do with this abundance? –Thayer Willis

Show notes: