Grow your legacy of generosity.

The Give Well Plan

1. Strategize

We help you define your giving priorities and communicate them to others.

2. Customize

We adapt our giving tools and grant management system for your unique needs.

3. Give Well

We enable confident giving by providing due diligence on charities of interest.

  • Stronger Philanthropy has been a guide for us in our family philanthropy. We used their Stronger Together system to learn some great grantmaking practices, and appreciate their guidance in helping our board define our giving focus.

    Mitchell Family Foundation

  • For nine years, I’ve been enthusiastically leveraging the power of our personal giving by working together with Stronger Philanthropy. We trust their wisdom and have complete confidence in this model.

    John Horwood

  • As next generation givers, we are learning greater discernment through the Stronger Philanthropy process. They have introduced us to organizations where we can get involved and impact lives.

    River Dali Foundation

  • Stronger Philanthropy has demonstrated the utmost integrity and intelligence in their work with clients. We trust them wholeheartedly to make the best possible recommendations for us that will have maximum impact. We are excited to learn from their wisdom as they guide us in our giving.

    Alexandra Horwood & Andrew James Labbad



We coach both grantmakers and grantseekers. Our 50+ years of combined experience in philanthropy positions us for coaching of major donors to advise on good grantmaking processes and strategic development. Online coaching or weekend retreats are available for you and your foundation board or family. Together we’ll cover topics such as your giving mission, vision, values, strategy, process, succession, and the future of your family legacy. We also offer coaching for charities to assist in their advancement strategies.

Grants Management

Major donors can take advantage of our customized online system to receive and consider grant requests from charities. We curate grant opportunities based on your priorities, focus, and timetable, and our wide reach within the charitable sector allows for a visionary array of granting opportunities to consider. You make the giving decisions to projects aligned with your interests. This system protects you from the deluge of requests, and you only consider those which fit your priorities.

Due Diligence

We have years of expertise in studying charities, knowing what makes for great charity health, and avoiding getting stuck in the charity swamp. Our dashboard indicators and narrative reports are industry-leading and customized for any charity you’re considering a large gift to. You can give with confidence knowing experts have investigated your charity’s accountability and performance.

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