Transformed by Generosity

Here's How:

1. Strategize

You’ve got the passion – let’s bring it to life. We come alongside to bring cohesion, clarity and strategy to your family's philanthropic vision.

2. Customize

You’re ready to transform lives through generosity. We’ll connect you with unique opportunities and charities that fit your giving priorities.

Let's Connect

3. Give Boldly

You need confidence. We’ve got you covered through streamlined, stress-free systems – and an app that helps you get to know charities in real-time.

  • Stronger Philanthropy has been a guide for us in our family philanthropy. We use their systems to learn some great grantmaking practices, and appreciate their guidance in helping our board define our giving focus.

    Ross Mitchell Family Foundation

  • Through Stronger Philanthropy we found great organizations with opportunities to engage that fit our goals and vision for giving that we would have otherwise not known. These opportunities were vetted by wise, experienced and detailed analysis giving us further peace of mind that we are being good stewards with what we have to give. Being intentional with our giving and communicating our goals clearly is helpful in bringing clarity and commitment to our desire in being generous.

    Park Family Giving Fund

  • For eleven years I've been enthusiastically leveraging the power of our personal giving by working together with Stronger Philanthropy. We trust their wisdom and have complete confidence in this model.

    John Horwood

  • As next generation givers, we are learning greater discernment through the Stronger Philanthropy process. They have introduced us to organizations where we can get involved and impact lives.

    River Dali Foundation

  • Stronger Philanthropy has demonstrated the utmost integrity and intelligence in their work with clients. We trust them wholeheartedly to make the best possible recommendations for us that will have maximum impact. We are excited to learn from their wisdom as they guide us in our giving.

    Alexandra Horwood & Andrew James Labbad

Not only clients benefit, but charities do too! Click here to read the most recent online reviews posted by charities we meet with.


We facilitate a robust community of givers, charities, and mentors that generously invest in spiritual and social flourishing.


To be transformed by generosity.


Stronger Philanthropy serves the interests of clients that have the potential to give five- and six-figure grants to charities. Small to mid-sized foundations and funds can provide significant grants, but they can't justify hiring full-time professional staff. We fill in those gaps to ensure accountability and transformational opportunities aligned to your passions.

Clients subscribe to our services on an annual basis. All clients benefit from our streamlined grants management system and access to our innovative Stronger Community. This app offers philanthropy at your fingertips for all your grant applications, progress reports, and charity networking. Optional services include back office bookkeeping, government filings, and due diligence for large grants.

Join our Stronger Community. Our subscriber-only philanthropy community brings together Canadian charity leaders and grantmakers and their families. Both charity leaders and philanthropic family members are invited to join. Connect with peers, discover new charities, and explore opportunities for collaboration. Contact us if you'd like a demo.