Stronger Philanthropy offers its services to 12 small- to mid-sized family foundations and funds administered by generous families. We help craft strategies for giving that correspond to generous hearts. Streamlined, customized approaches assist families to better consider opportunities for granting. We also provide due diligence reviews on potential grants to determine value-on-investment. Our Stronger Grants platform allows access to granting opportunities and progress reports from charities.

Our clients have an invitation-only approach for considering grants. Each client named below has their own funding priorities and application process. Stronger Philanthropy conducts ongoing research on charitable opportunities that align with each of our clients’ priorities, and we provide them with a variety of opportunities to consider at the beginning of their annual granting window.

Details on funding priorities, timelines, size of grants, and more is unique to each foundation and described on their client profile page. Click through for each of the clients listed below: