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Walking Together With You

Mark and Nathan Petersen have been walking together for 30 years, over mountaintops and through valleys, being transformed by the slow journey of generosity.

Mark Petersen is the founder and CEO of Stronger Philanthropy, a firm founded in 2016 to provide philanthropic management services for Canadian foundations and major donors to facilitate strategic and visionary generosity. He has a BA (History) from University of Waterloo, an MDiv from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, and a DLd from George Fox University in Portland OR where he focused research on navigating succession within family philanthropy.

Nathan Petersen joined Stronger Philanthropy in 2019, and was recently promoted to partner. He has a BA in International Studies from St Stephen's University in New Brunswick, and offers the perspective and earned wisdom from world travel and cultural engagement with communities in Colombia, Spain, Kenya, Philippines, Cambodia, China, and Nicaragua.