A year of pandemic

Mark PetersenCOVID-19, Strategy

It was a year ago that we were rudely awakened by the announcement of the pandemic, and so much has since changed. Investments have been on a roller coaster. Charitable activity has been severely impacted. Families have been divided by health restrictions. Consumption of digital media has skyrocketed. Public funding has been flowing with abandon. Mental health has taken a beating.

While these have been shocking and disturbing developments, it also provides a moment to pause and reconsider one’s philanthropy. Business-as-usual should not be an option. Rather, seize this historical moment to recalibrate and reorient your giving.

  • Check that your giving aligns to your mission, vision, and values.
  • Determine if there are ways to better reach your goals.
  • Evaluate what donations have brought you joy, and what commitments make you feel trapped.
  • Invite next generation family members to be more involved in giving decisions.
  • Outsource activities that are stressful or not part of your core competency.
  • Try new approaches through a pilot project or skunkworks.
  • Consider options for collaborating with others.

Christa Hesselink from SoulPlay has developed some helpful questions that can guide you as you reflect on the past year. Download it here: Personal+Pandemic+Evaluation+2021.