Announcing Stronger Philanthropy’s virtual community!

Mark PetersenCollaboration, Community, Innovation, News

One of the benefits coming out of the pandemic is the time and space to reassess the status quo, and reimagine a better way to achieve one’s mission. At Stronger Philanthropy, we continue to do just that.

Our mission is to empower generous families in smart giving for strategic projects aligned to their passions. Generous families need effective, healthy charities to partner with. But finding each other and building trust can be challenging.

How do charities and philanthropists come together better?

We’re excited to announce the creation of our virtual invitation-only community in the Stronger Philanthropy app! We’re currently designing the app and uploading resources to help generous families give well and help charities better connect with their major donors. When we are up and running, we will make ourselves regularly available through livestreams and chats. Our generous clients  will find exciting ways to connect with charities and each other, but not be overwhelmed by requests. We will manage the posting of grant applications for clients in secure and confidential folders according to their timetable. Charities they support will be invited to connect for strengthening relationships with their major donors.

This app will be available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store before the end of the year. It avoids Facebook-style algorithms and annoying ads that ruin the community experience, and you can customize your level of engagement and create the level of privacy that best fits your situation.