Streamlining our process

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We continue to streamline our process to make it easier for charities to connect with major donors, and vice versa. We’ve reduced it down to a 2-step process: If you’re new to Stronger Philanthropy or if it’s been awhile since you’ve connected, you’ll want to Book an Initial Meeting. You’ll meet with Mark Petersen and learn what we offer and … Read More

Summer 2021 grants available

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Stronger Philanthropy’s second granting window for 2021 is soon approaching. This summer granting window of May-June is when the following three clients make grants for the year: Kehila Foundation Levante Foundation River Dali Foundation In preparation for the summer round of grants, Stronger Philanthropy does the work of introducing charities to our clients by developing Charity Profiles. We aim to … Read More

Spring 2021 grants available

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Stronger Philanthropy’s first granting window for 2021 is soon approaching. In preparation for the spring round of grants, we are developing Charity Profiles for Bridgeway Foundation and Tamara Foundation. We aim to complete these by February 28, 2021. More information on the priorities and timetable for these two foundations are found below: Bridgeway Foundation Tamara Foundation      

Client priorities for 2021

Mark PetersenApplication Process, Clients

In the past month, Stronger Philanthropy met with each of its clients for their Annual Review. During these interviews, we discussed their priorities for funding in 2021. Based on these meetings, we’ve updated all Client Profiles listed on our website. Each of our clients have unique granting priorities and eligibility criteria. Charities may review Client Profiles here, or by selecting … Read More

What are Charity Profiles?

Mark PetersenApplication Process, Grantmaking

Stronger Philanthropy recognizes the challenges many foundations face with traditional application processes which are reactive. With open processes where any charity can apply for grants, the foundation is overwhelmed by a high volume of requests. Most of these are quickly discarded. It is unfortunate that extensive work is done by charities to develop LOIs and grant applications, and the result … Read More

How do you create a SMART, one-line project purpose?

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Applicants for funding often want to tell foundations everything that is great about their project. That’s normal! They’re enthused about what they do. But how do you narrow down your project purpose into a succinct yet descriptive sound bite? The secret is in being SMART! Communicate your project purpose by being specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-defined. We prefer the … Read More

Giving strategically

Mark PetersenApplication Process, Strategy

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to reimagine one’s purpose. This is true for both charities and foundations, for those who do good and those who give for the good of others. And it is true as well for Stronger Philanthropy. We are currently developing our own strategic plan and working with selected clients as they develop … Read More