Connecting money to mission

Mark PetersenGrantmaking, Strategy, Vision

Major donors have investments that are earmarked for charitable purposes. But lately I’ve been wondering how to unlock that value.

Philanthropy offers a way to see invested funds create social change. It happens through surrender – giving it away. As one surrenders capital, and trusts a valued charity, those investments are channeled into lives changed: education received, capacity built, vision realized, mercy shared.

John Bloom writes in The Genius of Money: “Money ‘ages’, and becomes more disconnected from human initiative as it accumulates. But as soon as that money is given away it leaves the sphere of investment and is given new economic life to accomplish a charitable mission.”

How will you unlock your investment value? How will you select your trusted partners? Stronger Philanthropy provides you with simple methods and streamlined systems to cultivate relationships, develop trust, and see impact through your giving. Your money will connect with the mission you envision for your philanthropy.