Have questions? Click below for answers to our most frequently asked questions by charities seeking support.

We’re happy to hear about your organization or project but we are specifically looking for those which corelate to our client’s priorities, outlined in each Client Profile. If you think that your organization or project is a good match for one or more of our clients, book an appointment.
We only receive applications from organizations that have been invited to apply. If you've been invited to apply, we will email you an access code to our online application system so you may begin your application.
A Charity Profile is a one-page summary of your organization which we create based on an interview with you. More information on Charity Profiles is found on the Our Process section of the Clients tab on the menu bar.
As often as you like, but we recommend once a year. Simply email our Program Director your updates and he will update it for you. A new meeting is not necessary.
Thoughtful, complete responses to the questions asked are most compelling. Overly simple answers, grammatic errors, industry jargon, and vagueness all detract from the overall appeal of an application.
We aim for each granting window to be open for two months. This allows enough time for us to collect all applications, conduct any necessary due diligence, and send everything to our clients. Clients will then get back to us with their decisions. Sometimes this can take longer due to unforeseen roadblocks, but within two months is the goal. We will notify you if there is an unexpected delay.
Historically, it has been more common for our clients to offer one-off grants, but applications for multi-year funding are certainly acceptable unless specifically noted otherwise on the Client's profile page.
If we have requested a site visit, we will send you an agenda for our time together. We are interested in knowing about your organization's leadership for an overview of your programs, current financial realities, fundraising strategies, and goals for the future. We generally conduct site visits online using Zoom.
We encourage our clients to be in connection with you, but it is up to them to initiate that relationship.
We are currently seeking to expand our client base by 2-4 new clients.
Subscribers to the Stronger Philanthropy community app have full access to all Charity Profiles. Charities can view their own profile, and if updates need to be made, you can email your changes to us and we will update it.
In late 2021, our app will be available for download to your smartphone through the Apple or Google Play stores. We have developed an app that will bring together charities and major donors for networking and to provide resources such as livestreaming events, charity profiles, client profiles, videos, articles, and more. Private groups to view grant applications and progress reports are also available for clients of Stronger Philanthropy.