Research for healthy reintegration

Mark Petersen 2016, 2017

  Organization Name: Chab Dai Coalition Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Project Name: Butterfly Longitudinal Research Project Amounts Awarded: $30,000 in 2016 $30,000 in 2017, with possibility of being renewed for final year in 2018 Dates Awarded: 12/10/2016 18/11/2017 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation Kehila Foundation Redleaf Foundation River Dali Foundation Purpose of Investment: To complete the final years of a 10 … Read More

Families mentoring families

Mark Petersen 2016

The Yonge Street Mission is building its first family-to-family mentor program, which we believe may be the only of its kind in Canada. We will work with a small test group of families to begin in the first year, with the intent to expand to many more families within three years based on program success. Organization Name: The Yonge Street Mission … Read More

Reintegrating into society

Mark Petersen 2016

We want to live in communities free from crime, but locking people up isn’t the answer.  With a justice system focused on punishment and not restoration, there are common misunderstandings regarding the reality for ex-offenders. ONElife is a newly-developed, interactive board game that aspires to change attitudes about crime and punishment, and to create a society inspired by the possibility of restoration … Read More

Grassroots mentoring

Mark Petersen 2016

Alongsiders International is an innovative new grassroots movement mobilizing young Christians across the developing world to walk alongside those who walk alone, their own neighbours (vulnerable orphans and children in their village/slum). Organization Name: Alongsiders International Foundation Location: Vancouver, BC Project Name: Comic Book Discipleship and Leadership Curriculum Project (Rwanda) Amount Awarded: $25,000.00 Date Awarded: 12/10/2016 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation, Kehila … Read More

Moving in

Mark Petersen 2016

In this project, MoveIn seeks to address the problem of unreached, urban poor people living in high-needs neighbourhoods, where they are unlikely to ever hear the gospel without an active witness moving into their community. There is great need for the Church-at-large to be mobilized to the “bottom billion”, to share the love of Christ, to work for justice for … Read More

Another step toward truth and reconciliation

Mark Petersen 2016

From its inception, St. Stephen’s University has been a place of Christian higher education with a vibrant ecumenism, in the spirit of John 17. We aim to be a safe space for people of different cultural and faith backgrounds to gather in the spirit of learning and the pursuit of healthy, just relationships. We have a history of positive, grassroots … Read More

Media merger

Mark Petersen 2016

Crossroads is facilitating an opportunity for Christian media in Canada to be more effective in their missions.  An integrated administrative infrastructure for the two most watched Christian TV products in Canada and their digital audiences will enable greater synergy.  100 Huntley Street and Context with Lorna Dueck are the two media brands at the focus of this integrative effort.  This … Read More

Faith in transition

Mark Petersen 2016

Power to Change – Students, a member of Power to Change Ministries, is committed to communicating the message of God’s love and forgiveness as an essential part of student life. P2C-S seeks to engage thousands of students each year and encourage them in their spiritual journey by building authentic relationships, effectively communicating the gospel, and equipping Christians to share their … Read More

Improving quality of service for volunteers

Mark Petersen 2016

Our nation needs a safe, authentic, engaging place to discuss the person of Jesus.  Transformed lives transform society.  Alpha Canada is strategically placed with its innovations to reach more people than ever before. Organization Name: Alpha Ministries Canada Location: Richmond, BC Project Name: Alpha Concierge Project Amount Awarded: $85,000.00 Date Awarded: 12/10/2016 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation, John & Rebecca Horwood, Kehila Fund, Redleaf … Read More