Families mentoring families

Mark Petersen 2016

The Yonge Street Mission is building its first family-to-family mentor program, which we believe may be the only of its kind in Canada. We will work with a small test group of families to begin in the first year, with the intent to expand to many more families within three years based on program success. Organization Name: The Yonge Street Mission … Read More

Training for families of children with autism

Mark Petersen 2015

Families of children with autism and other special needs are remarkably resilient.  Yet they need ongoing supports to lighten the challenges they face day in and day out. Communitas Supportive Care Society in Abbotsford, BC will provide specialized training to these families and their staff that equip them with tools for better long-term sustainability.  Once the project concludes, Communitas will incorporate the … Read More

Deeper research on families invites better policies

Mark Petersen 2015

The Institute for Marriage and Family Canada conducts research and develops policies to influence public discourse in order to highlight the valuable contribution marriage and families have in shaping our society.  Stronger Together partners stand with the IMFC in this work by funding new and original research.  Like gas in the car, this new, quality research will fuel ongoing activity by … Read More