Changing the public conversation on end of life care

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Absence of legislation around end of life care in Canada requires thoughtful contributions by people of diverse perspectives.  Cardus proposes to gather thought leaders and develop options for consideration.  This grant attracted a grant from Stronger Together grantmakers due to the innovative nature and unique role Cardus could have in influencing this conversation. Project Name: End of Life Care: Changing … Read More

Better health care for the homeless

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Sanctuary isn’t your typical homeless drop-in or out-of-the-cold shelter.  It’s a vibrant community of people, some of whom lack housing or employment, or who struggle with addictions.  While medical care is readily available in Toronto, those who live on the streets suffer disproportionately and often resist official health care available in hospitals or clinics. Ontario’s Ministry of Health provides funding … Read More

Scaling up 3D-printed prosthetic innovation

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cbm Canada, with collaboration from University of Toronto, is moving ahead with a stunning innovation that attracted the attention of Grand Challenges Canada last year to develop prototype prosthetic limbs in Uganda through 3D printing. Technology already makes this possible, but what is not yet secure is a business model to drive this innovation forward by making it more widely available … Read More

Challenge grant for better pharma inventory

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Health Partners International Canada is working with a third party to develop software that will help its partner clinics and hospitals in the developing world better track their pharmaceuticals.  This creative health care project from a leading charity in Quebec will allow many lives to be impacted, and as such, attracted Stronger Together grantmakers’ enthusiastic support.  At the same time, we … Read More

Resourcing the regions with pregnancy care support

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The Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) is a small umbrella group that provides resources to over 70 pregnancy care centres across Canada.  Many of these are very small charities in far-flung towns that are often overlooked.  Their unique solution, endorsed by Stronger Together, is to train five regional consultants and deploy them into the regions. Project Name: National … Read More