How fundraising really works

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The How Fundraising Really Works seminar is a fast-paced, interactive experience that guides participants through a systems-level understanding of effective fundraising and the myriad reasons why most fundraising plans are designed to fail. Jason Lewis, CFRE & AFP Master Trainer, is on a mission to ensure that nonprofits have a shared understanding of how fundraising really works and that fundraising … Read More

Brian Stiller: Sowing seeds of generosity (S2:E4)

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Brian Stiller takes us on an epic journey through a lifetime of taking risks and living by faith in this interview for the Stronger Philanthropy Podcast.  He grew up in Saskatchewan where he learned early on that seeds must be cast into the soil and die before they would produce life.  In like manner, he states that philanthropy can also … Read More

Keeping faith in fundraising

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In my world where faith and philanthropy intersect, there are a few scant resources to provide a coherent basis on which to financially collaborate for effective ministry among the Christian community.  Unfortunately this means both grantseekers and grantmakers operate within a mechanistic environment commonly called “moves management”.  Interactions with donors are tallied and annotated; the prevailing understanding suggests that up to seven … Read More

From lone ranger to effective partnerships

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Businesses and charities are quickly transitioning from a culture where lone rangers protected one’s turf to one of sharing resources and multiplying impact. In the past we worked in isolation and achieved results through a laborious process of addition. Today we are learning to drop one’s guard, trust others who are walking a similar path, and discover the strength of … Read More

Bridgeway’s triple partnership for building charity fundraising capacity

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We’re pleased to announce a triple partnership for a project that will lead to more effective charity fundraising efforts.  This spring, our partner Bridgeway Foundation teamed up with Seacrest Foundation and Frontier Marketing to uncover some of the best practices in online fundraising.  Seacrest Foundation is an innovative Vancouver-based foundation, committed to building charity capacity.  Frontier Marketing is a Victoria, … Read More