Changes ahead for Stronger Philanthropy

Mark PetersenNews

The current pandemic has unleashed a tidal wave of change that impacts both major donors and charities, and these changes also impact our work at Stronger Philanthropy. To successfully emerge from the pandemic, we must attend to the need for organizational renewal that corresponds to a new, ever evolving, landscape. Stronger Philanthropy has reviewed our priorities and considered how to best serve our clients, and as a result, have made the following changes:

(1) Upon our recommendation, many of our clients are migrating to an invitation-only, one-stage simplified model for grant applications. Charitable organizations will be invited to complete a project application through a password-protected online portal. We will work together with selected charities to help them put their best foot forward to potential donors. We believe this approach will allow for a better match between client priorities and the organizations that seek funding. It will also reduce the uncertainty of charities who often apply without knowing if their work will result in a grant.

(2) Our Program Director will be available to meet virtually with charity leaders wishing to introduce their work to Stronger Philanthropy’s clients. These one-hour sessions will offer an overview of potential opportunities for upcoming grants and a frank assessment of the organization’s pros and cons in attracting funding. As well, after meeting we will create a charity profile for your organization which will be presented to selected clients if we see a potential match. Appointments can be scheduled using our online booking tool. There is a nominal cost to book these appointments.

(3) We have a new vision for our roles and responsibilities. I’m creating space for our Program Director, Nate, to have a more upfront, public role of relating to charities and our clients. His presence in the GTA will allow for greater exposure and adds value. This generational leadership shift will position Stronger Philanthropy for future growth in clients served. My role will be more in the background, offering supportive infrastructure and services for our clients from my location in rural New Brunswick.

(4) Due to changes to our business model, we must regretfully say goodbye to our colleague, Linda Dzelme, who has been core to our team for the past four and a half years (at Stronger Philanthropy), and for the previous thirteen years for our client, Bridgeway Foundation. She has served with incredible enthusiasm, loyalty, and competence, and I know all who worked with her will miss her presence including, especially, me. Those of you who have worked with her know the value she brings to any organization; I invite you to consider adding to our Kudoboard to wish her well. Her last day with us will be September 30.

(5) Our Love Giving Well e-newsletters for the general public will move from a regular monthly email to an occasional one sent as needed. In its place we have launched a new exclusive e-newsletter just for our clients. Giving Tips will offer brief thoughts on giving well, the careful selection of a resource to benefit givers, and video updates and interviews.

(6) Our mailing address will change, effective immediately, to:

PO Box 175
St Stephen NB E3L 2X1