Changes ahead for Stronger Philanthropy

Mark PetersenNews

The current pandemic has unleashed a tidal wave of change that impacts both major donors and charities, and these changes also impact our work at Stronger Philanthropy. To successfully emerge from the pandemic, we must attend to the need for organizational renewal that corresponds to a new, ever evolving, landscape. Stronger Philanthropy has reviewed our priorities and considered how to … Read More

Streamlining the granting process

Nate PetersenNews

As we take our first steps into the new decade, we at Stronger Philanthropy are thinking about the future of Canada’s charitable sector and how we can best serve it. It’s no secret to us that the granting process that many charities must navigate in order to meet their operating needs is far too often one that is outdated, unnecessarily … Read More

A new collaboration for social entrepreneurs

Mark PetersenGrants

Stronger Philanthropy is pleased to announce a new collaboration with BIC Canada.  Beginning in March, we will host a round of grant applications for social entrepreneurs under age 35.  We will be on the lookout for younger leaders who are creatively applying their skills to bettering their community.  More details and eligibility criteria will be provided in our March e-newsletter, as well … Read More

Six steps to better site visits

Mark PetersenCapacity Building

March and April were busy months with most of my time dedicated to 18 Stronger Together site visits with charities from BC to Quebec.  We normally reserve two hours for these meetings, as we arrange to personally meet all shortlisted applicants.  In many cases, it’s the only time all year that I will be face-to-face with that charity’s leaders, so a … Read More