Love Giving Well: Philanthropy as Pilgrimage

  • Pilgrimages don’t end, they merely facilitate new beginnings. In Love Giving Well Mark Petersen takes his readers on an unexpected pilgrimage where traditional donor-receptor roles aren’t simply challenged, but subverted and re-ordered. With an honest, vulnerable, and inviting writing style Mark’s words are charming and winsome, while the profound message of this timely book sticks. --Christopher L Heuertz, Gravity a Center for Contemplative Activism and author of The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth, Omaha
  • About 8 years ago, Mark invited me to learn about his vision to be Stronger Together – a new way for philanthropists to collaborate. We believed in the vision and placed our trust in Mark, knowing he would lead us in the right direction. He taught us how to truly give, to put our donations to work, and not just write a cheque. I encourage other givers to buy this book and learn from his years of wisdom. --Rebecca Horwood, Director of Wealth Management, Richardson GMP, Toronto
  • Mark Petersen reflectively walked the Camino as a pilgrim. In the same way he actively participates - thoughtfully, reflectively, prayerfully - with charities. Mark intertwines these stories in this very creative book. With an emphasis on capacity building and innovation, he writes for all who recognize the joy of giving from what we have received. --The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, General Secretary, The Canadian Council of Churches, Toronto
  • Mark Petersen was the director of a private family foundation that gave away multi-millions for social good. On three separate occasions he walked the Camino across Spain. In Love Giving Well, he births a book that blends it all together with poignant observations, winsome stories, and an intoxicating passion. In a culture that is confused about whether to follow heroes or succumb to the democratization of everything, this book offers the image of the faith-filled pilgrim plodding through the bumpy world of philanthropy with an incisive clarity. --Dr. Rod Wilson- Consultant and Pastor, former President, Regent College, Vancouver
  • When I co-founded the Imago Dei Fund, Mark Petersen became a friend, partner and guide on my journey of learning to give with heart, soul and strategic impact. I was drawn to Mark’s signature humble, wise, and highly collaborative approach to philanthropy which gave me a window into how one could embrace - with joy and a sense of humor - the tensions and power-imbalances implicit in philanthropy. This book is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration born out of 15 years of collaborative philanthropy. This book is a gem of a guide to help you on whatever pilgrimage you are on to give and be part of a world that is stronger together. --Emily Nielsen Jones, President, Imago Dei Fund, Boston
  • This book is desperately needed within the places where donor fund raising and philanthropy intersect. In Love Giving Well Mark Petersen moves beyond the transactional to the journey of giving and receiving in which partnership and growth is nurtured. He puts a face on the donor and receiver calling for a new way of relating. It is not easy but Mark knows what he is talking about. He has lived it. This book is a must read for anyone working in the area of fundraising and those whose generosity is mirrored in their philanthropic endeavors. -Dr. Gary Nelson, President and Vice Chancellor, Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto
Love Giving Well was recognized in June 2018 with the Word Guild Award for Best General Market Non-Fiction Life Story by a Canadian Christian writer in 2017.

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