Motivated by their faith, the John & Rebecca Horwood Fund invests in a limited number of projects that are poised to scale up with smart, strategic solutions for impressive impact.


The John & Rebecca Horwood Fund aspires to leverage their investment to produce long-term sustainable change in societies.

Portfolio Focus

  • Canada
  • International


  • Registered Canadian charities undertaking projects to fulfill the mission are prioritized.
  • Past grant recipients are eligible for new funding when the outcomes of their previous project have been completed.

Application Process

  • The Fund will shortlist a select group of charities that resonate with their stated priorities based on Charity Profiles prepared by Stronger Philanthropy.
  • Charities that are shortlisted will be invited to complete an online application. Applications are by invitation only.
  • Funding is not assured until applications are approved by the Fund.


All organizations receiving grants from the John & Rebecca Horwood Fund will be encouraged to report back on progress made every six months until completion for the outcomes they propose.


  • Stronger Philanthropy will prepare Charity Profiles for the Fund by September 30, 2021.
  • Grant applications will be considered by the Fund in October-November 2021, with grants awarded at the end of this period.
  • Specific, time-sensitive initiatives that meet the Fund’s priorities will also be considered and granted to throughout the year.