Tamara Foundation offers grants for projects and advocate for organizations in British Columbia and beyond that remove barriers and empower women and children who deserve healthy and full lives.


Tamara Foundation dreams of the day when women and children in British Columbia and beyond know the dignity that comes through education, relationships, and opportunities.

Portfolio Focus

  • British Columbia
  • International


  • Registered Canadian charities undertaking projects in specified geographic locations listed in the portfolio focus are the priority for this foundation.
  • Past grant recipients are eligible for new funding when the outcomes of their previous project have been completed.

Application Process

There is one round of grants offered each year. The following process will be followed:

  • Tamara Foundation will shortlist a select group of charities that resonate with their stated priorities based on Charity Profiles prepared by Stronger Philanthropy.
  • Charities that are shortlisted will be invited to complete an online application. Applications are by invitation only.
  • Funding is not assured until applications are approved by the foundation.


All charities receiving grants from Tamara Foundation will be encouraged to report back on progress made every six months until completion for the outcomes they propose.


  • Stronger Philanthropy will prepare Charity Profiles for Tamara Foundation by February 28, 2021.
  • Grant applications will be considered by members of the foundation in March-April 2021, with grants awarded at the end of this period.