Priorities for 2024

To Be Confirmed


  • Aspiring to live out the generous life modeled by Christ, the Park Family Giving Fund invests resources into projects that offer a holistic and creative response to communities in need.

Portfolio Focus

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Social Enterprise
  • Flourishing Faith
  • Arts and Culture

Geographic Focus

  • Greater Toronto Area
  • China
  • East Africa
  • Others may be selected


  • Beneficiaries must be registered Canadian charities.
  • Past grant recipients are eligible for new funding when the outcomes of their previous project have been completed.
  • Charities that are active members of the Stronger Philanthropy Community are favoured.


  • All charities receiving grants from Park Family Giving Fund will be encouraged to report back on progress made every six months until completion for the outcomes they propose.

NOTE: Remaining details regarding the Park Family Giving Fund process are still to be confirmed and will be clarified later in the year.