The Stronger Philanthropy Community brings together generous families, creative charity leaders, and others serving the Canadian charitable sector. We connect through an invitation-only app that is available on your smartphone or desktop.

Features include a feed to share posts, photos, video and charity updates to bring awareness of your charity’s activities. We offer livestreaming events, interviews with featured charities and clients, informal chats, and facilitate direct messaging between members. Charity leaders are also welcome to create Project Profiles for initiatives for which they are seeking funding.

Our Community contains considerable resources: profiles of 250+ charities, mentors, and givers, as well as podcasts, video interviews, articles, books, and access to courses. Within confidential client-only spaces, we post grant applications and progress reports in secure folders, and have created a Giver Roundtable group for peers to discuss opportunities and challenges. Charities are invited to join private Connect groups to strengthen relationships with clients when invited to apply for grants. We even host occasional in-person gatherings to bring people face-to-face.

Here’s what some of our community members say:

  • “I would say the one benefit among many is the sense of community and support that we receive.” –Amina Mohammed, Executive Director, Cameras for Girls
  • “It gives great exposure, opportunity, and a sense of community to everyone involved.” –Noel Hutchinson, Executive Director, Asian Outreach
  • “The community has not only enriched my sense of camaraderie in this often isolating role, but encouragement through donation opportunities, and new friends!” –Janice Nikkel, Executive Director, Signal Hill

You may subscribe and participate in our Community for $13.99 CAD per month. Subscriptions are renewable monthly, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

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