The Stronger Philanthropy Community brings together generous families and creative charity leaders. If you represent one of those two groups, you might also find a home here.

This Community connects through an app that is available on your smartphone or desktop. Features include a feed to share posts and information, livestreaming events, interviews with featured charities and clients, informal chats, and direct messaging. Through it, our generous clients find exciting ways to connect with charities, their projects, and each other, but not be overwhelmed by requests. Charity leaders discover the shared passions of generous people, unique opportunities for collaboration with other charities, and clear and direct access to grant opportunities. Community members can book complimentary one-on-one meetings with Stronger Philanthropy at any time and for any reason.

Our Community contains resources for both givers and charity leaders: charity profiles, podcasts, articles, suggested reading, and more. Within this space we also post grant applications for our clients in secure and confidential folders according to their timetable. Charities they support are invited to join private groups to strengthen relationships with their major donors. We even host the occasional in-person gathering to bring people face-to-face.

You may subscribe and participate in our Community for $13.99 CAD per month. Subscriptions are renewable monthly, and you may unsubscribe at any time. This Community avoids Facebook-style algorithms and annoying ads that ruin the shared experience. Customize your level of engagement and create the degree of privacy that best fits your situation as a giver, a charity, or any interested individual.

  • Download to your phone, search for ‘Stronger Philanthropy’ on Apple and Google Play Stores, and follow the prompts to download and register.
  • Download to your desktop, click here to register.