Adaptive leadership during a pandemic

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Let’s begin with some background music to set the stage for this blog post. Start the music in the video below, and continue reading… You’re now listening to a familiar tune called ‘Take Five’.[1] Catchy, isn’t it? If you’re not a musician, you might have a hard time putting your finger on what makes this song so alluring. Music historian … Read More

9 steps to greatness in giving

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Nick Cooney’s 2015 provocative book, How to Be Great at Doing Good: Why Results Are What Count and How Smart Charity Can Change the World, helps donors consider that giving well is laden with both responsibility and opportunity. It’s easy to fall into a rut where we routinely give to the same organizations year after year, and fail to use our … Read More

Revolution in next gen philanthropy

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Canada’s next generation of major donors is dramatically different from their parents and grandparents. Imagining philanthropists as wealthy business tycoons in smoking jackets and pearls is an increasingly outdated stereotype. Instead, they are a highly relational group of individuals who are culturally geared towards innovation, entrepreneurship, and social change. The zeitgeist of the 21st century has destabilized social systems like … Read More

Love Giving Well honoured with Word Guild Award

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Mark Petersen’s book on philanthropy as being more than a transaction, but a transformational and life-changing pilgrimage, was recognized on June 15, 2018 in Mississauga, Ontario with a Word Guild Award in the category of Best Non-Fiction General Market Life Story.  The Word Guild recognizes exceptional writing done by Canadian Christians on an annual basis.

Hilborn Charity reviews Love Giving Well

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Love Giving Well: The Pilgrimage of Philanthropy was recently profiled by Hilborn Charity e-News in a review written by Victoria BC’s Joanne Specht. She says, “When I first started reading this book, it was a “work” book. Don’t misunderstand – I wanted to read it but it was definitely not considered a “relax at home on the couch” kind of … Read More

Review of Love Giving Well in Faith Today

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Mark Petersen’s book, Love Giving Well: Philanthropy as Pilgrimage (Cascade Books), was recently featured in the bimonthly May-June issue of Faith Today. In “Raising Money Without Losing Our Souls”, reviewer Larry Matthews writes that “Giving well is sweaty, get-your-hands-and-feet-dirty work essential to good stewardship.” He also calls this book “surprising”. Read the whole article here to find out why. Order your copy of … Read More

Keeping faith in fundraising

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In my world where faith and philanthropy intersect, there are a few scant resources to provide a coherent basis on which to financially collaborate for effective ministry among the Christian community.  Unfortunately this means both grantseekers and grantmakers operate within a mechanistic environment commonly called “moves management”.  Interactions with donors are tallied and annotated; the prevailing understanding suggests that up to seven … Read More

The paradox of flourishing

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In the weeks since Easter, I’ve been reflecting on the incredible vulnerability that Jesus Christ embraced, particularly during that horrible, final week where He was mute before His accusers, and was led “like a lamb to the slaughter”.  It isn’t the typical profile we have of leadership or of some highly driven Type A personality who “got it done”.  In … Read More