June 2022 update

Mark PetersenNews

We are winding down the first six months of 2022, and with it comes an opportunity to summarize our work up to the present.

Though the first part of the year is typically slower than the last half, we have worked with four of our clients – Tamara Foundation, River Dali Foundation, Levante Foundation, and Ross Mitchell Family Foundation – to receive 34 grant applications and confirm funding for 22 charities, totaling $478k in grants. There are currently 101 active grants we are monitoring with pending progress reports still to be received in the months ahead. We’ve met 30 new charities during the period, and we currently have 168 profiles of charities available to our clients. The remaining seven clients will receive applications in the second half of the year.

Our Stronger Philanthropy Community App has experienced fruitful growth since its hard launch in early January. There are 146 subscribers to the app, with 97 active members in the last 30 days. We’ve even invited subscribers to in-person coffee meetings in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Dundas. We also release a monthly livestream for subscribers which update viewers on our clients’ priorities and include a draw for charities to be featured in an interview.

Available to subscribers are 10 Featured Interviews with both charities and givers:

Featured Clients:

  • Reg Petersen (Bridgeway Foundation)
  • Melissa and Lee Carter (River Dali Foundation)
  • Lynn DuMerton (Tamara Foundation)
  • John Horwood (J&R Horwood Fund)

Featured Charities:

  • Andre Lesur (Global Disciples Canada)
  • Anna Robbins and John Campbell (Acadia Divinity College)
  • Rebecca Sherbino (Raw Carrot Social Enterprises)
  • Quentin Fincaryk (Wellspring Foundation for Education)
  • Stacey Campbell (Prison Fellowship Canada)
  • Daniel Whitehead (Sanctuary Mental Health)

Charity leaders and major donors are invited to join our community to take advantage of conversations, resources, and networking available within the Stronger Philanthropy App.

Download our 6 month dashboard.